Friday Five!

Woowoooo!  It’s Friday!  For the first time in a while we are going to be home this weekend without any major plans.  To say I’m excited would be an understatement.  We’re planning on staying in tonight, making dinner and watching a movie.  Saturday I’m going to a Blast workout class in the am and have dinner plans with my mom and sister.  Steve is going to the Phish concert with some friends (so glad I get to skip this one!).   I hope you have a fun/relaxing/crazy/wild/productive weekend!

Now, on to my Friday Five!

ONE || Has anyone else had the issue of Squirrels eating their pumpkins?? I have never heard of this issue but we are now on our third pumpkin that has been nibbled on by the squirrels.  I put up a snapchat about it earlier this week and a few people commented that squirrels hate the smell of chili powder and mint so I’ve sprayed my newest pumpkin with a mix of water and chili powder and am hopeful that those little rodents (with cuter outfits SATC reference) stay away from my pumpkins!


Ok ok, this isn’t our actual pumpkin but this picture made me laugh via

TWO || Ponchos.  I’m poncho obsessed right now!  I just wish it would get colder so I don’t look so ridiculous in my long sleeve shirt, poncho, jeans and booties.    Here are a few under $100 that I either own or have my eye on.

THREE || Tradsey.  I might be late to the party on this one but have yall heard of Tradsey? or the RealReal?  They are consignment boutiques online where you can find amazing deals on new and lightly used items.  I’m on the prowl for a new purse for Fall/Winter and refuse to pay the insane price tags for the brands I like which is where these sites come in!  I have already purchased a pair of Brand new with tags driving mocks from the now defunct C. Wonder for $20!  and I loveeee them.


I’ve also got my eye on this Tory bag..

Multi Season Tory Burch Tote from Tradesy!

FOUR || Something to look forward to!  Two of my best friends are amazing planners and when we all used to live in Charleston I got to benefit from that.  I pretty much always had at least one fun plan during the week and weekend plans made for me because they were so good about thinking ahead and getting everyone together.  Now that we’ve all moved away from Charleston and I don’t benefit from their planning as much, I’m working on becoming more of a planner.  This is mainly because I love to have fun activities to look forward to.  I think at least half the fun of travel is the pre-travel anticipation.  From the shopping for outfits to wear to the research on what to see, eat and drink while you’re there it makes me so happy to think about all the fun we’re going to have.  SO, all of that is to say, I have 2 fun trips booked for the coming months and I’m so excited about it!  We’re going out to Colorado with some friends to Ski for a long weekend in January and then Steve and I are taking our big Honeymoon trip to Paris and Italy in April!  Any and all recommendations welcome!  We are thinking about going to Venice, Tuscany/Florence and Rome 🙂


Picture from our Ski Trip to Deer Valley Utah 2 years ago

FIVE ||  Our Pizza Stone!  We received a pizza stone from one of my best friends for our wedding and finally go around to using it a couple of weeks ago and let me just say, WOW.  I never really thought twice about a pizza stone because I always liked the pizza we made at home on a regular cookie sheet.  But I was so wrong.   To use it you put it in your oven and heat the oven to 400 degrees. Make the pizza and then transfer it to the stone in the oven and let it do its thing.  Because the stone is hot when you put the pizza on it you get this amazing crunchy crust that makes you feel like you’re eating pizza at one of those places with a wood fire pizza oven.   Seriously everyone needs one of these things!   This is the one we have.



I hope everyone has a great weekend! xoxox,


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Wedding Wednesday!

6 Reasons to take a Mini moon and delay your Honeymoon!

Today on Wedding Wednesday I want to talk about the benefits of a “mini-moon” or a delayed Honeymoon.  When Steve and I were talking about where to go on our Honeymoon we were a little all over the place.  One weekend we thought Bermuda would be perfect because neither of us had been there and that’s where Steve’s parents went on there honeymoon.  Other weeks we were all about taking 2 weeks off and traveling around Italy then it was Greece, BVIs, Pueto Rico etc etc.  The list went on and I’m pretty sure our Travel Agent (my godmother) must have had the patience of a nun as we went back and fourth.


I was torn because knowing my slightly introverted tendencies, I figured I would be super tired from all the activities of the previous week/weekend and would want to relax but at the same time neither Steve nor I are “sitting” type people.  We like to get out and explore when we travel.  So we thought it would be fun to go somewhere in Europe where we could explore and try new foods and so on.  In the end we decided to take a mini-moon down to south Florida for a couple days and I am SO glad we did.  Below are my reasons why I think a mini-moon is the way to go.

  1. Take some pressure off yourself!  There are always about 10 million things you’re trying to keep up with leading up to your wedding.  Trying to pack and plan for a huge trip is just another thing to add to your list.   I also think that part of the fun of a big trip is doing research and taking time to figure out what you want to do, where you want to go etc.  which I definitely didn’t have time for leading up to our wedding.
  2. Weddings are super expensive.  I know this shocks no one but the last couple of weeks get to be insane!  Just a casual extra $300 to the church we didn’t know about.  Another $1,000 for hostess gifts, bridesmaids gifts, hair/makeup, rehearsal dinner dress.  The list goes on and by the last couple of weeks you are so far into it that you don’t even scoff at these little extra expenses that you just throw a check at it.  For this reason, I was so glad we decide to go for a much less expensive option.  Had we gone to Italy for 2 weeks I would have been stressed about the money and probably not enjoyed it as much.  By only going for a couple of days and going somewhere that we could get to via flying into Miami (super cheap flights from Atlanta) we saved so much while still staying at a fancy hotel, enjoying spa treatments and eating out most meals.
  3. If you decide to take a honeymoon later, you’ll also have more time to save up for another trip!
  4. You are SO tired after your weekend weekend.  After a solid week of social engagements, champagne drinking, parties and staying up late you are SO ready to just relax.  We napped the first day we got there and even after that we went to an early dinner and to bed by 9.  We were exhausted and I was so glad to be in a place that was all about just relaxing so we didn’t feel guilty like we needed to be going to xyz attraction.  Steve and I never ever nap so it was a fun treat that we took advantage of.  Also the flight from Atlanta to Miami is about 2 hours so no grueling travel was a nice perk.
  5. You have something to look forward to!  We are planning our “real” honeymoon for sometime next year so now we have a bigger trip to look forward to.
  6. You can (potentially) take more time off!  Because I took a few days off before my wedding I didn’t feel great about taking 2 more weeks after it.  This way we can plan our vacation time from work to accommodate a longer trip.

This was just my experience of course but I hope its helpful for anyone planning their wedding!  And in case you’re interested below are the details about where we stayed and our favorite restaurant we went to.

6 Reasons to take a Mini moon and delay your Honeymoon!
View from our Balcony!

Stayed: Ritz Carlton- Key Biscayne. Sunday-Thursday. The Hotel was beautiful and the service was impeccable.  We had champagne and chocolate covered strawberries when we arrived and they upgraded us to a beautiful room that included the breakfast + unlimited mimosas every morning. #champsfordays .  I literally ate this bfast x2 every morning and it was glorious after my pre-wedding dieting.  Yes that is an omelette, pancake, muffin, hash browns, bacon, brie and english muffin.  #allthecarbs


Activities: They had bikes to rent and we played tennis one day.  There was also some beach pool sitting with some amazing blueberry mojitos!  Hurricane Hermine was a thing on the trip but only really affected us one day so we went to see a movie that day which is one of my favorite activities.


Ate: We went to this Thai Tapas place that was our absolute favorite meal of the trip.  Its small plates but all the traditional Thai food you know and love.  Its great because it solves my Thai food crisis of Pad Thai, Pad se ew or Panang Curry.  We got all of those plus a few new dishes!  It’s also very small and intimate, you actually sit at the bar and watch them prepare your food.  The place is called Lung Yai Thai Tapas and I’ve been dreaming of it ever since!  We also loved Tutta Pizza and Pasta which was in walking distance of our hotel and fantastic.  Very fresh and modern Italian in a quaint little space.



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Block Island

Block IslandHi friends! I just got back from a quick weekend trip to Block Island earlier this week. If you are not familiar with Block Island, it is a little, ~10 square mile island off the coast of Rhode Island. It is a super cute little beach town with lots of character and beauty.





We stayed at Donald’s family’s cottage and toured around to a lot of the cool spots on the island like Mohegan Bluffs, The Spring House and Mansion Beach.

FullSizeRender (22)



We also really enjoyed dinner at The Beachhead and The Narragansett . And we also had wonderful lunches at Los Gatitos and The Oar.

The weather was phenomenal and so refreshing. It’s been in the 100s here in Charleston; so, high 70s during the day and high 60s at night was a breath of fresh air!

For a quick weekend trip or even a long beach vacation, Block Island is definitely worth a visit!

Keep it lush y’all!!


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Bahamas Recap

Bahamas, Beach

If I close my eyes I can still feel the sunshine on my face and smell the salty air. Ahhhh the sweetness of the Bahamas. My family and I got back a couple weeks ago from a 5 day stint at The Cove at the Atlantis and it was divine. Even though I have been to the Atlantis more times than I can count, 5 days was not long enough. It might sound silly; but, it was the first time in a long time that I got to pamper myself dress in lots of my fun summer finds and I got to dress Charlie girl in all her sassy outfits and swimwear. I got to partake in some tasty libations with my hottie hubs in the Cove Cabanas and wow my 2 year old tot with all the sea creatures in the expansive aquarium. It was quite a fun time and one vacation destination that I can’t recommend enough. It’s a perfect place for couples, families, and everyone in between.




FullSizeRender (12)

My mom (aka- my twin) and me posing for a photo before dinner.

FullSizeRender (11)

Charlie’s jumpsuit is from Old Navy and her sandals are from Target. Hello little fashionista!


FullSizeRender (13)

Sandwiched between two hotties – hubs on the left and bro on the right.



I included some of the items I packed for this trip below for you to check out.

The only other trip we have planned for this summer is up to Block Island for a long weekend. Donald and I will be visiting his mom who is vacationing up there for the summer months. We will be sans baby; so, hoping to get some R&R. I will make sure to jot down some of the highlights and share with all of you.

Keep it lush y’all!



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My Top 4 Charleston Lunch Spots!

Good morning!  How was everyone’s long weekend?  We were in Charleston for a beautiful wedding at the Creek Club at I’On.  We came back to Atlanta Sunday to do some work on our new house and spend all day Sunday and Monday painting.

Beautiful views at the Creek Club!
Beautiful views at the Creek Club!

Charleston is known as having the most restaurants per capita in the United States.  When we lived there it felt like every week there was some hot new restaurant we had to try.   Now that we live in Atlanta, whenever we go back to Charleston there are a few places I always try to go to.  Today, I wanted to share my favorite spots in Charleston for lunch!

Verde |  I am obsessed with Verde.  It’s basically a Jersey Mikes for Salads.  They have every topping, lettuce and dressing you can think of.  All the ingredients are fresh, the dressings made in house and salads are made right when you order.  They offer the option to toss, chop or wrap your salad and also have a selection of their “creations”.  My favorite creation is the Mesa Verde followed by the Chickpea.  Yum!  This is a great spot for a quick and healthy lunch and they have locations in West Ashley, Mount Pleasant and Downtown.  I just wish they’d open one in Atlanta.


Leon’s |  Leon’s is known for their fried chicken and oysters but I love their Siam Salad that is full of peanuts, avocado, napa cabbage and oranges.  Topped with Fried Shallots.  I also recommend their avocado toast.  The atmosphere is relaxed and fun and its a great spot for lunch or dinner.

Bull Street Gourmet |  Located Downtown, Bull Street Gourmet is your quintessential deli with huge sandwiches, great sides and a good selection of chips.  You can sit down and eat there or take your Sandwich for a picnic at Marion Square or the beach.  I love the Classic Turkey with cranberry mayo and brie.

Black Bean Co. |  Black Bean is another great, quick lunch in Charleston.  Everything is organic and they have a lot of vegan and gluten-free options.  I love their wraps and the yogurt parfaits they serve them with.  Their main location is downtown on King Street and they offer dine in or take out.


Hope everyone has an awesome week!  xoxo,


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Our favorite places!

Happy Thursday everyone!  Just one more day standing between you and the long weekend! Woot woot!  Today we’re sharing each of our favorite places that we’ve ever visited.  You can see some of our other travel posts here, here and here.  We will each be doing a larger post about these places so stay tuned for more!

Victoria |  Florence, Italy

During my junior year of college I studied abroad in Florence. I went for an entire semester with no earthly idea how to speak Italian and never having traveled to Europe previously. Since that time, I have traveled quite a bit around the world and Florence still remains my absolute favorite city of all time. It is small enough to walk and explore; but, big enough to get lost. Every which way you turn there is something beautiful to stop and stare at. From the Boboli Gardens and the Uffizi Gallery to the walk across the Ponte Vecchio  there is so much to do and see in this city. Not to mention the freaking amazing food and gelato ever. Seriously, I traveled throughout all of Italy and Florence’s food and gelato were by FAR the best! Acqua al 2 is a wonderful restaurant to try for dinner. Honestly though, you can’t go wrong just walking and exploring this city for yourself. The people watching is also wonderful! E il migliore!!

The best places we've ever traveled - Florence Italy

Maggie | Robbinsville, North Carolina

Yes, you read that right. One of my favorite places is this tiny podunk town in North Carolina. I’m almost hesitant to tell you all about it because it feels like my families special hidden gem. But you’ve twisted my arm and I’ll tell you anyway. My grandmother actually grew up in Robbinsville and has a lake house there that we visit annually. I love this place so much that Matt even proposed to me here. To give you some details, Robbinsville is perfect for nature lovers and people looking for that small town, secluded feel. My whole family crams in the lake house and we spend the long weekends almost exclusively on the water. You have never seen a lake like this. Mountains are wrapped all around you and the water is almost crystal clear. You can go rafting on either the Nantahala River or the Ocoee River. We love using this company for both rivers! You can also rent a boat at the local marina, which I highly recommend so that you can cruise around the lake and take advantage of the amazing scenery. The restaurant options aren’t great, so I wouldn’t get all hyped up about that, but if you’re lucky there is usually some sort of amazing local street festival/dance happening with delicious homemade treats. Though we stay at my grandparents house, there is a new lodge that opened up that I hear great things about that you should look into.

The best places we've ever traveled - Robbinsville, NC

Annie |  Paris, France

Probably not surprising to anyone who knows me but of course my favorite place is Paris!  I am a Francofile through and through.  If you could tell me I could go anywhere right now, it’d be straight to Paris.  Mainly because I’m constantly craving the best falafel ever at L’as du falafel, french onion soup from Pomme Cannelle on the Isle St. Louis and endless ice cream from Berhtillon.   Of course, there is far more to Paris than just the food!  Paris is full of history, art and fashion and is the most romantic city!  I think I could live there for decades and never get bored.  After taking Steve to Paris for his first trip, we talked for weeks about quitting our jobs in Charleston and moving to Paris for a few years.  Clearly I have a kindred spirit in my love for Paris (and good french food).  I would recommend going in the late spring, early summer.  Make sure you hit the Musee D’Orsay, go for a walking tour and get lots of cheese, bread, wine and croissant!

paris 3



What’s your favorite place you’ve ever been?


Victoria, Maggie and Annie

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Summer Vacation to the Atlantis

My family has been going to the Bahamas every year for as long as I can remember. We have always gone in June or July and have always stayed at the Atlantis. This resort has grown exponentially over the last several years. When I was a little girl, the Atlantis consisted of 2 towers, a big pool, small aquarium, pool bar, a couple restaurants and a casino. Now, there are 6 huge and very different areas of the resort in which you can choose to stay; more than 2 dozen restaurants; multiple pools, waterslides and lagoons; a truly amazing aquarium with hundreds of beautiful sea creatures; a marina filled with yachts that will make your jaw drop; shops, casinos, nightclubs, spa, fitness center….the list goes on and on. In a nutshell, this resort has everything you could ask for to keep you entertained, relaxed and happy.

Ever since I graduated college, got a full time sales gig, got married and had a baby life has gotten quite busy and my annual excursions to the Atlantis have happened less and less. Donald and I went with my family 3 summers ago before Charlie was born. But, we have yet to make the trip happen since we had our little girl. Well, this is the year! We decided to join my family this June at the Atlantis with Charlie in tow. Now that Charlie is almost two years old we feel like she will be able to enjoy the water, aquariums and the casino just as much as us. Okay, maybe not the casino (or maybe she will given that it’s in her genes and she likes bright, flashy things). Anyways, we are really excited to take the little miss on her first vacation ever!

Below are a few things I picked up for Charlie to pack for her first vacation!

And a couple things that I snagged for myself (or currently sitting in my shopping cart awaiting my Birthday in early June):

I can’t wait to see the happiness on my little girl’s face when she dances poolside to the steel drums or when she sees the giant manta ray swimming along peacefully in the giant aquarium. There is no doubt this will bring back memories of the happiness that this annual trip brought me when I was a little girl. Hair braids and all!

Keep it lush y’all!


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Friday Five – Kiawah Island Edition

Hey there! Today’s Friday Five is a little special because we are talking about five things we LOVED from our girls getaway last week at The Sanctuary on Kiawah Island. We had such an amazing time and will probably be daydreaming about this trip for a while! It was the perfect quick weekend getaway!

Girls Weekend at The Sanctuary on Kiawah Island

ONE | The Spa. We scheduled a 2 hour facial/massage combo package called the Sanctuary Journey. It was an awesome deal at $315/person and that included all day access to the spa amenities, light refreshments, and all the amazing tea you can drink. I think we all agreed that we are typically more massage people, but this facial blew us all away! It was so relaxing a basically made us melt into the table. Also, I think some of my favorite time was the hour in between when we hung out in the relaxation rooms eating snacks in our robe and reading magazines. Total zen! -Maggie

Girls Weekend at The Sanctuary on Kiawah Island

TWO |  Girl Time. With kids, full time jobs, wedding planning and home buying on our plates we rarely get time to actually relax and have a moment for some girl time. Our weekend at Kiawah was not only great because we all had time to let our mind’s and bodies relax but it was equally as wonderful because us gals had time to catch up and get to know each other better than we already did! The photo above was taken on the second evening of our girl’s weekend at Wild Olive. We drank and ate and stuffed ourselves until we rolled into bed later that night. It really was the perfect way to end our weekend. -Victoria


THREE | Decor. The Sanctuary offers one of the most grand entrances with an enormous foyer. The minute you walk in to The Sanctuary you are greeted by understated Victorian decor and a wall of floor to ceiling glass doors that look out onto an expansive lawn and onto the ocean. There are two grand staircases to the right and left of the main entrance – one of which leads to the Spa (hello amazing!) and the other leads to The Ocean Room (an amazing steak house with an equally amazing view). The rooms are also quite beautiful and extremely comfortable and inviting. The bathrooms are to die for and the toiletries are top notch. There are multiple shops within the resort to peruse when you are taking a break from sunning by the serene pool. From the pristine grounds and large oaks to the beauty of the decor and architecture, The Sanctuary truly is one place you must visit! -Victoria


FOUR | Breakfast.  A lazy, large breakfast is such a treat.  During the week I’m usually eating breakfast hurriedly at my desk while getting started on my workday and on the weekends I rarely think to go to breakfast.  That is, except, when on va
cation.  Jasmine’s porch at the Sanctuary has the most amazing breakfast spread.  You can order off the menu or for $24 you can have unlimited access to their amazing buffet breakfast.  Needless to say, both mornings we went with the latter and were not disappointed.  They have a full egg/omelette station, a biscuit and gravy bar, fresh fruit, pancakes, make your own yogurt parfait etc.  It felt like an endless amount of options that left me wishing I wasn’t so full after my first plate.  The buffet also includes coffee and 5-6 choices of freshly squeezed juice.  -Annie


FIVE |  The Pool.  We had the best time relaxing by the infinity pool in the adult area of the pool deck.  Both Friday and Saturday we spent a few hours drinking amazing cocktails (virgin for Mags), reading magazines and talking about anything and everything.  There is just nothing better than relaxing with friends. They have a very friendly wait staff that comes and lays out your towel for you, brings you water and other refreshments from the menu and even circles with little samples of smoothies to keep you cool.  V and I loved the Cucumber Collins, Maggie loved the Strawberry Peach smoothie and we all recommend their guac!  -Annie

Kiawah Island girls weekend!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Maggie, Victoria and Annie

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Wonderful Charleston Restaurants

492 Charleston Charleston Restaurants

Happy Monday friends! I apologize in advance that this is such a short and quaint post. I was supposed to be writing about a recent adventure to a new-ish restaurant in Charleston called R Kitchen. But, the adventure to this new spot was postponed. Thus, today I am writing about a few really tasty restaurants in Charleston that you should check out!

Wild Olive – This is a wonderful, little Italian restaurant in Johns Island, South Carolina. If you aren’t familiar with the layout of Charleston, Johns Island is about a 15 minute drive from downtown heading out toward Kiawah Island. Wild Olive is one of the only Italian restaurants that I have gone to since my study abroad in Firenze that has satisfied my now snobby palate. Prices are reasonable and they have a great wine list too. It’s definitely worth the trek to Johns Island!

Husk Restaurant – Yes, yes I know. You have already heard about this place. It’s like the #1 steak house in America. Yup. The steak is juicy, flavorful goodness that melts in your mouth. But, what you probably don’t know is that they have this AMAZING 14 (or something absurd))- layered chocolate cake for dessert. I dream about this damn cake. All I have to say is please don’t fill up on steak so much so that you can’t enjoy at least a half a pound of this chocolate cake. I am drooling thinking about it.

492 – This is a semi-new joint on upper King St. The hubs and I visited this place recently for the first time and I was extremely pleased. They offer a plethora of small plates that were all tasty – we split a pasta dish and a kale salad as an appetizer before a late dinner at another restaurant downtown. The food was so freakin’ good; but, the décor is really what keeps me remembering this place. It is a PERFECT joint to meet up for a drink and talk with a friend or on a first date or with your significant other….or even to stroll on in after a long day of shopping around downtown. It has a great vibe and an awesome outdoor patio to boot.

Three Little Birds Café – Ughhhhh you guys. This place has the. best. pancakes. EVER. How do I know? I am a pancake connoisseur. I try pancakes every time I go to a new spot for breakfast and every time I say “I best these won’t be as good as Three Little Birds.” And, guess what? Every time I am correct, as always. So, if you love yourself some pancakes and really peave. love. joy. kinda vibe, check this place out. It’s not on the menu; but, I always get the triple berry pancakes with a side of bacon and a fresh glass of orange juice. If you are looking for any sort of morning alcohol, they don’t have it. But, I promissseeeee it’s so good. Everyone else in Charleston knows it’s good too. So, I recommend getting there before 9:30am if possible.

Barsa – This is a wonderful little tapas restaurant far up King St. If you are not from Charleston, you probably would overlook this place. But don’t. It has a super cool, Spanish-y vibe with the best happy hour and some seriously kickass tapas. The shrimp, stuffed dates and albondigas (lamb meatballs) are all killer. AND they have some super tasty paella that is made to order (it takes like 45 minutes so be ready to sit back and have a couple before this is served). I would seriously sit and eat and drink wine at this joint for a solid 3 hours. I like that European style of long meals. But, I digress, whether you want a quick snack or a long, drawn out all night feast and wine drinking extravaganza this place is perfecto!

Okay, I am done for now y’all. I am traveling to Santa Barbara today to visit a client and have a 7am flight. Good thing I am visiting a cool city or this flight would really suck.

Seriously though, please try one of these places if you haven’t. They are all good. And, I promise, I love food and really am a mean critic. These restaurants all got A+ in my book!

Keep it lush y’all!


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A Vacation to Mexico You’ll Want To Book!

So honeymoons are great! Really great! You have just been so stressed and busy with your wedding planning, family entertaining, and working on your figure for months and now you get this sweeeeeet trip to relax. Everyone calls you Mrs. so and so and you are so smitten that you just locked down this amazing guy forever. Well… you want to know what is even better than a honeymoon? Going on an all inclusive tropical vacation about a year after you birthed a small human that you lovingly have given 100% of your self too for the last 365 days or so. Trust me!!! Y’all know how I feel about vacations. And, I loved our honeymoon, obviously, but at that point, you just don’t even know yet how to take advantage of all that a vacation has to offer.

In August (a little over a year after Lucy was born) Matt and I went to stay at The Excellence Resort in Playa Mujeres, Mexico for a week. This is the third resort we have been to together and hands down the very best by landslides…and now that I think of it, maybe one of the most affordable too. I mean just look at this place….

Review of the Excellence Resort in Playa Mujeres Mexico. Best vacation ever! Perfect beach trip for honeymoon, babymoon, girls trip, or just because.

Were we nervous to leave Lucy? Absolutely! We were a nervous wreck. It was the first time we were away from her. My mom watched her the first few days and my mother-in-law watched her the last few days. We purposely scheduled the trip on Monday-Saturday so that they could take her to daycare each day. They didn’t, but it made us feel better there was the option. And honestly, if we thought about it, we were missing very little time with Lucy because she goes to bed pretty much at 6:30 everyday. Once we were there though, it was totally fine! We Facetimed with her everyday and each time she couldn’t have cared less about us, which made it much easier for us to have guilt free fun. I think that age is perfect because they aren’t old enough to really even realize you’re gone, but they are old enough to not be too much on grandma.

Review of the Excellence Resort in Playa Mujeres Mexico. Best vacation ever!

Do I have any tips for booking? Yes!! My biggest tip is to splurge for a 2 story room. I am such a cheapo and typically would just get the crappiest room because, “we aren’t there to sit in the room…I mean how much time will we even spend in there.” That’s stupid. You HAVE to get the 2 story room. It has a jacuzzi on the roof and big sun beds you can lay on. We spent SO much time in our room because….we had our own pool and view of the ocean for goodness sakes. It honestly made the trip. Also, because we decided to get the nicer room we booked the first week of the off-season and got an amazing rate.

Review of the Excellence Resort in Playa Mujeres Mexico. Best vacation ever! Perfect beach trip for a honeymoon, babymoon, or just because!

What excursions did we do? We kept it really low-key and just did 2 things. The first was go with a group from the hotel to the marina and rented a mini speed boat. They took us on a tour around Cancun and then to a gorgeous reef where we snorkeled. It was super fun, but I wouldn’t say it was a must do. The second thing we did was get a couples massage. Oh man. This was hands down the best massage I’ve ever had, and the most amazing spa I’ve ever been to. You just HAVE to do this. One tip is to not book ahead of time. Everyday while you are there they will slide a newsletter under your door and there is always a discount that day for the spa services. So wait and book the day of!

Review of the Excellence Resort in Playa Mujeres Mexico. Best vacation ever! Perfect beach trip for a honeymoon, babymoon, or just because!

How did we get from the airport to resort? We rented a car through the resort. I highly recommend this. It’s really affordable and when you arrive at the airport there is a gentlemen waiting with your name and SUV ready. It’s about 30 minutes to the resort and I get super car sick, so being in a bus all hot and sweaty is like my nightmare. Just call the resort and they will set you up!

Will I go back? Well if it isn’t obvious by now, absolutely! We are already planning a trip for after baby number 2 comes. We would have went this year, but that darn Ziki virus really put a damper on things.

Review of the Excellence Resort in Playa Mujeres Mexico. Best vacation ever! Perfect beach trip for a honeymoon, babymoon, or just because!

I would LOVE to know if you have any must-go vacations to share, so post in the comments if so. Also, if you actually end up booking a trip to The Excellence let us know. I have some other insider tips I can share. Now let’s all get back to Monday and try not to be depressed we are at work.

If you need a little extra vacation lusting, don’t forget about Victoria’s Babymoon and Annie’s recent trip to NYC!


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