I’m Kinda Tired of Halloween

Well, Halloween is a ton of work. I feel like we have been celebrating this holiday for 3 weeks now. It started with our local Harvest Festival. I ordered Lucy a Wonder Woman costume complete with the wig and she was cute as all get out. She kept calling the wig Wonder Woman, like she was literally wearing Wonder Woman’s hair and the rest of her outfit was just regular clothes.

Lush Break Blog - Halloween KIds Costume

Anyway, after about 15 minutes on her head, that thing looked like a squirrels nest, so in the trash it went. The Harvest Festival was fun. Lucy enjoyed the giant flower decor, and eating her candy as soon as she received it. The whole “put it in the bag and save it” idea was never going to happen.

Lush Break Blog

I look totally delirious in that picture….because I was.

So here we are now, the night before actual Halloween (finally). I can’t find Tucker’s skeleton costume for school tomorrow, the cookies I was supposed to make for Lucy’s class had the tiniest puncture in the package. After much internal debate, I decided I can’t serve those to all those kids on the off chance someone inserted poison. So, tomorrow morning I’ll be running to the local bakery to pick some up.

Fingers crossed she is in the mood for her costume, that I magically trip on Tucker’s skeleton outfit sometime tonight, and that there is time to make a stiff cocktail before hitting the streets to trick-or-treat tomorrow evening. #prayersup

Remember when the biggest halloween stress was if you’ll be too cold walking to the bar in your super sexy costume?


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