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While I would love to write about the topic I originally planned to write about today, life got in the way. My little Minnie Mouse, Charlie, got sick and so I am being the best mom I can be and devoting all my time and effort to her. I know it’s the season for sniffly noses and sore throats; but, I always hope that we will get away with a clean bill of health and skirt all the ickys. Anyways, I really had to go into mom mode and take extra good care of my baby seeing as how Donald and I are about to fly off to Miami in a couple days for a look weekend.

After our doctor’s visit yesterday morning and, of course, coming up empty-handed with a “it must be a virus” type of response from the doc, Charlie and I snuggled on my bed and watched Elf. It was the first time she actually watched almost an entire movie with me. Although she was sick, it was still one of those moments as a mom that I will cherish and be so happy to have. Sharing my love for movies with Charlie has been one of those things I have been eagerly awaiting. I have waited very impatiently for my toddler to want to sit down and watch a movie with me and laugh. And, yesterday was that day. I have no doubt that once she is back to her normal, healthy self it will be extremely hard for her to sit still through a movie. But, having that snuggled up moment with my daughter for almost an hour and half was bliss. Fingers crossed she will do it again soon without being sick.

Till next time. Keep it lush y’all!


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