Freezer Meal For New Parents

Freezer Meals for new parents. Lasagna roll-ups. Great gift for new moms. Make ahead meals.

Hey gang, I am in the thick of right now. I’m trying to transition back into work, take care of two kids, keep a clean house, make time to enroll for benefits, plan Thanksgiving….and that’s just a few things. You other moms know! I feel like I’m doing everything at about 50%, which sucks. With all this on my plate, something has to sacrifice and it tends to be dinner these days. It made me think about these amazing freezer meals I made before baby and how I wish I still had some in the freezer.

I am talking about these freezer lasagna roll-ups from the Pioneer Woman! They are so great because you can freeze small portions. Perfect for dinner for your whole family or  just for lunch when you are at home with baby and don’t have time to even make a sandwich. Pop it in the oven and you’re done. I have also made these for other new moms. There is noting better then the gift of food in my opinion!

Be the hero next time you know someone having a baby and make them these!


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