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Hi fellow turkey lovers! I am hosting Thanksgiving this year and have started to put my menu together for Linner (lunch/dinner). It will be a small gathering this year – 6 adults and 1 little turkey. So, I don’t want to go overboard; but, I want it to be a feast and make sure everyone leaves stuffed and happy. That being said, here’s what I have put together thus far.

Appetizers – Whatever appetizers I make better be easy and good.

1| Cranberry Baked Brie – Warm, sweet and salty and oh so good. No gathering should go without a good baked brie. Plus, it takes like 3 minutes to make and 15 minutes in the oven. Score!

2| Charcuterie – You better believe I will go all out for this appetizer. Nothing is better than a plate of cheese, crackers, salumi, prosciutto, fruit and olives. It will be epic.

Linner – Must have a turkey and ham. Sides better be hearty, warm and go well with gravy.

1| Turkey – For the last several years we have used our amazing Char-Broil oil-less turkey fryer. This thing is the jam! No oil but you get the same crispy outside while maintaining a juicy inside. It really is the absolute best way to cook a turkey. No mess and great taste. Cooking time is about 10-12 minutes per pound. Marinate the turkey the same way you would if you were frying it.

2| Ham – I don’t know why anyone buys anything other than a Honeybaked Ham for Thanksgiving. First of all, it’s already marinated and cut. All you have to do is heat it up. And the brown sugar flavor is to die for. So yummy and so easy.

3| Mashed Potatoes – Can’t do Thanksgiving without mashed potatoes. They are a staple. I like to make mine in the crock pot because a) it’s easy and b) the crock pot keeps them warm until you pile them onto your plate. I used this recipe last year and they turned out great!

4| Green Beans – There needs to be something green and brunchy and semi-healthy on the table for Thanksgiving. I found this recipe on Pinterest. I have never made these but I am so excited to try them! My daughter loves bacon so that extra flare will definitely make her happy.

5| Stuffing – This is one of those side dishes that I just can’t not have. I always crave it around this time of year and I have fond memories of eating sausage stuffing at my grandmother’s when I was little. I found a great recipe that involves cornbread and sausage and can be made in a crock pot. I will be trying this recipe for the first time this year and can’t wait to see how it turns out!

6| Cranberry Sauce – If for nothing else, you absolutely need cranberry sauce for leftovers. It is the perfect condiment for your leftover ham sandwich. I have made this recipe a few times now and it is so super easy and perfectly sweet/tart at the same time. It’s delicious!

7| Gravy – Honestly folks, I am not going to lie. I buy the store-made gravy. It is good and easy and just needs to be warmed up.

8| Rolls – Did you know the Honeybaked Ham store makes other things besides ham? Well, they do. And one of those things is rolls. I plan to buy a couple dozen because my family is bread obsessed.

Dessert – While I plan to make one homemade dessert, I will definitely make a trip to my local Costco for a pecan pie and vanilla ice cream.

1| Homemade Caramel Apple Mini Cheesecakes – I always have grandiose plans for dessert but I think I will try this recipe for Thanksgiving dessert this year. I can make them the day before and then pull them out a couple hours before we eat them. Plus, I imagine them being so tasty with a cup of coffee on the side.

And of course all of this will be served with copious amounts of tasty wine. I plan on asking the parents to bring over the libations!

Keep it lush y’all!!


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